We are so thankful for our many volunteers that show up every week and give of their time. We also realize that some cannot maintain their current level of work for the long run. The more volunteers we have on rotation will help everyone not only be able to serve but also be served. Ideally, each position should be on a “two weeks on, two weeks off” rotation.

There are many opportunities to serve at MissionView. From any age to any time commitment, there is something you can help with. There are positions for every type of personality, giftedness, and expertise. As you look through the positions try to find something that not only you are willing to do but something that you could become passionate about. If there is something that you have in mind that is not currently listed please contact .

If you find a position you’re interested in, please fill out the information in the form below. One of the leadership team members will contact you shortly and discuss your serving opportunity and answer any questions you might have about the details of the position.

External Ministries






Greeters: Arrive a little early and welcome everyone with enthusiasm and a friendly smile at the door. Walk with new attendees and show them where the service is and, if they have kids, let them know about our children’s ministry. If they have more questions, show them to the information table.

Ushers: Arrive a little early to welcome guests, pass out bulletins, and help guests find their seats. Pass the offering plate during the service and communion when asked.

Greeters/Registration for Children’s Ministry: This is a friendly, outgoing person, who is happy to meet new families and make the kids feel welcome. Get the kids signed in and help them find the right class. Answer any questions the parents may have about our programs. Click here to fill out an application.


Setup: Arrive early and help transform the high school into a church by setting up the signage, moving furniture in the classrooms and carrying in items from our trailer.

Tear Down: Return back everything to its place after the Commons time and load the trailer back up with all our items.

Helps On-Call: Be willing to help when a need comes up. Needs may include helping an individual move, shoveling snow for someone in need, etc.


Infant / Nursery: Cuddle, comfort, sing to, and pray over our newborn to 12-month-old babies. Click here to fill out an application.

Toddler / Nursery: Cuddle, comfort, and play with our 1- and 2-year-old toddlers. Click here to fill out an application.

Babysitting On-Call: Be willing to watch children when a church event comes up.

Babysitting for Community GroupsHelp us provide childcare for our community groups that meet on a weekly basis in the evenings.

Preschool Helper: Work under the direction of the teacher to nurture and love our preschool age children. Click here to fill out an application.

Preschool Teacher: Nurture and care for our preschoolers by teaching them about our wonderful Lord and Savior.  We provide the curriculum and supplies, you provide the energy and enthusiasm. Click here to fill out an application.

Elementary HelperThis position is for an adult who comes twice a month to build relationships with the kids while spending time playing with them in Activity Time and sitting amongst them during the lesson time to help them pay attention. Your focus is on the kids, but you also make it possible for the Large Group Teacher to get to the point of the lesson. The emphasis of this position is relational, crowd control and safety! Click here to fill out an application.

Elementary Teacher: This person needs to be comfortable in front of an audience of various ages, be both silly and serious, be able to memorize roles, and have good scriptural knowledge. Click here to fill out an application.


Running the Slides: Using ProPresenter, click through the slides during worship and the sermon. You don’t need any experience with ProPresenter but will need to listen carefully and follow along well.

Audio/Sound: Need no previous experience, just a gifted ear and a willingness to learn the technical side of things.

Video: Run one of the four video cameras so we can put our services on our website. You don’t need any previous experience.

Lighting: Light up the stage and switch the colors of the lights on the screen to match the song backgrounds and sermon slides. You don’t need any previous experience with lighting.


Hospitality/Food Prep: Can you bake or cook well? Help MissionView prepare food for the Commons and for special events.

Meals Ministry: Help provide a meal when a need comes up. We love providing a few meals to new moms, to those who have had major surgery or have had an immediate death in the family.

Stage Setup Crew: Show up early and help the band set up their equipment and connect to the sound system at Hoover.


MV Connect: Get to know MV Connect and help others as they add their profile picture, family picture, update their information and access others’ contact information at MissionView.

Encouragement Cards: Encourage others inside and outside the church by making cards or writing notes.

Craft Planning/Prep for Children’s Ministry: Work with the preschool coordinator to plan and prepare for preschool and elementary crafts.  This job could be done from home when it is convenient.  *You do not need to serve in children’s ministry on Sunday morning, to fill this position.

Information Table: Help answer questions about our ministry. Help people sign up online for community groups and other events. Give out postcards, booklets, and brochures to those who want to know more.

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