Ramazan & Karen Arkan, Turkey
ramazanRamazan Arkan was born into a Muslim family and as a teenager was a member of an Islamic group. After high school, he became disillusioned with Islam and turned to atheism.  During that time, he became friends with the first Turkish Christian he had ever met. This man invited him to church and Ramazan attended for two and a half years as an unbeliever. While fulfilling his compulsory military service, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. As Ramazan served in the church, he discovered that he had a strong desire to do full-time ministry for the Lord. For five years, he attended the only underground Bible school in Turkey and since the end of 2000, he has been pastor of Antalya Evangelical Church. Ramazan has also served as the general secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Turkish Churches and in 2011, he earned a theology certificate from a branch of Glasgow Bible School in Turkey. Ramazan met his wife Karen when she came to Turkey on a short term missions trip in 2001. They married in 2005. Their son Joshua was born in 2010 and their other son, Levi, in 2013.

Church Website: antalyaevangelicalchurch.com

Carl & Laura Ralston, Remember Nhu
Remember Nhu’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the exploitation of children in the sex trade industry throughout the world. Four objectives keep them anchored to that vision…

  1. Meeting PHYSICAL NEEDS: A child with little to no shelter, little to no food, and not even basic medial care is a child at risk. Meeting the physical needs of children protects them from the sex trade.
  2. Meeting EMOTIONAL NEEDS: A child disconnected from the loving care of concerned, responsible adults is a child at risk. To grow and nurture children inside the love of a family protects them from the sex trade.
  3. Meeting EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: A child with no economic opportunity is a child at risk. A quality education and/or practical vocational training are the means to this opportunity. When honest, sustained work is an actual possibility, the financial allure of the sex trade industry lessens immensely. Educating children protects them from the sex trade.
  4. Meeting SPIRITUAL NEEDS: A child deprived of any real, lasting hope is a child at risk. When introduced to the incomparable love of Jesus Christ, children are introduced to a new and accurate vision of themselves: that they are of deep, intrinsic, and eternal value. To pastor and nurture children into mature disciples of Jesus Christ protects them from the sex trade.

Website: www.remembernhu.org
Email: Facebook: facebook.com/RememberNhu
Twitter: twitter.com/remembernhu/




Brandon & Hannah, Middle East
Brandon and Hannah are serving Christ in the Middle East with The Evangelical Alliance Mission. They are involved with community development programs among rural, Muslim villages with the hopes of seeing an indigenous, reproducible fellowship established. 
Brother Benny, Mid-Atlantic region
S & K and E & K, Holy Land
The Bar Family serves in the Media Center at Israel College of the Bible. They are using the internet and social media to reach Jewish-Israelis with the Gospel and discipling others to do the same. E’s marketing experience and background as a graphic designer uniquely equip him as head of the internet outreach ministry. E & K’s labor for the Lord in the Holy Land requires an extra amount of sensitivity due to the existence of a zealous anti-missionary organization.


Jen Srail, Cambodia
srailSince reading God’s Word in high school changed Jen’s life, she went to Baptist Bible College, where she decided to pursue a future in disciplining women in truth. From 2001-2010, she was blessed to serve at Maranatha Bible Church, disciplining young women and seeing many grow in their relationship with the Lord. She sensed God leading her to Cambodia after a short visit in 2009, and she arrived in Phnom Penh in 2012 and is teaching life skills, coaching, and disciplining young adults in the workplace and her home.

Contact: ">
Jen’s blog: cambogirl.wordpress.com


Craig Peters, Equip Ministries
In 2014 Craig Peters and Matthew Young began traveling to help meet the demanding needs to train pastors and leaders overseas. We were surprised by the lack of support, resources, training, and accountability leaders were receiving as church planters in many regions of the world. Many felt isolated and inadequate in their duties not only as a church leader but also in how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Our hearts were stirred then, as they are today to help equip and train these church leaders in order to advance the Gospel.

Equip Ministries International is a Christian missions organization that seeks to train overseas pastors and leaders, empower the church and reach the unreached around the world. It’s our desire to work with overseas church leaders in order to fulfill the Great Commission as we advance the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EquipMinistriesInternational/


Jamshed and Dilafruz Zokirov, Tajikistan

My name is Jamshed Zokirov, I am married to Dilafruz and we have three children, two boys, and a girl. Jasur is eight years old, Damir 5 years old and Dinora 14 month. I was born in the Tajikistan Soviet Union in the Muslim family. After the Soviet Union failed and Tajikistan got independence in 1991 Tajikistan was involved in a civil war. Our family as refugees ran away to Uzbekistan. After civil war 1994, my family back to Dushanbe the capital city of Tajikistan. My father met Christian at the school where he used to work and they gave him a Bible in Tajik and shared with him about Jesus. After accepting Jesus as his personal Savior he started working with Christians who have run an NGO’s and every Sunday the missioners started coming to our house for Sunday service. As a child, I was attending the Sunday school and for the first time, I heard about Jesus and accepted Him as my personal Savior. When I was 14, I was baptized. In addition, from the age 16 till 24 I served as a youth group leader.

In the age of 25 I became a pastor of the church “Light of the World” where I am still pastoring.

Our vision to have house groups in all regions of Tajikistan by training, equipping and sending leaders. 

So far, we have 16 groups in regions.

John & Rachel Reaser, Mexico
John and Rachel Reaser are planting churches in Mexico. After working six and a half years with the church plant in San Juan del Rio, the Lord has blessed them with solid leadership capable of carrying on the work of the church. They are thankful for that and are excited about the new direction and projects the Lord has placed on their hearts and in their paths.

They are working on developing a network of new church plants on the western coast of Mexico. Their desire is to provide leadership, vision, accountability, training, encouragement, and a variety of resources needed to firmly establish these churches.

The Reasers are committed to teaching the believers to feed themselves, so they are  involved in making written materials available through book stores and the development of a Spanish resource web site.

Rachel is involved with a girls orphanage. She does translation when needed, counseling with the girls (dealing with the reality of their past and helping them prepare for the future) and gives short teachings on practical areas of life.

They are focusing their church planting efforts in Mazatlan, a large city of 700,000 people.

Facebook: facebook.com/john.reaser.5




Scott and Lisa Carter, East Asia
Scott and Lisa were appointed as Association of Baptists for World Evangelism’s (ABWE) first missionaries to East Asia.  By God’s grace over 1,700 Baptist churches have been established in East Asia over the last 15 years. Today the next step is beginning to unfold – East Asia is emerging as a launchpad for missionaries, taking its place in global mission.

Their role is an advance scout for the Central & Eastern Europe and Mediterranean region. The work consists of identifying, resourcing, and connecting emerging kingdom leaders for church planting and mission movements in Eurasia. This encompasses many facets: teaching, preaching, leading, mentoring, consulting, administrating, vision casting, writing, networking, developing partnerships and intercession, are all ministry activities in which they engage regularly.

At a very young age, Scott committed his life to bring the gospel to people in the Soviet Union. He began reading anything he could find about life in the Soviet Union. One such book was by Georgi Vins, a Baptist evangelist imprisoned for his faith. In an unprecedented event in 1979, Georgi Vins and his family were exiled to America. Thus God brought his future wife, Lisa, to America. Scott and Lisa met in college. Lisa’s desire from the moment she arrived in the US was to return to the Soviet Union, even though it would mean house searches, arrests, and separation from family. 

Website: ABWE



Joshua & Sara Whitman, Italy


Josh and Sara are working with Italian Ministries USA, a growing field-based network of like-minded missionaries in and from Italy. The aims for this organization are:

  1. To do all that is possible to facilitate the spread of the Gospel in Italy.
  2. To provide support structures to assist missions to and from Italy.
  3. To facilitate the developing of a vision for mission in Italian Evangelical churches.

Italian Ministries USA is particularly committed to facilitating fellowship, communication and collaboration between those involved in missions and to creating the opportunity for Italian missionaries to have their own identity within a mission structure based and operated within Italy.