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Who We Are



Love God. Love Others.

We are a community of people who love Jesus and love the people around us. He’s changed our lives, and we can't help but share that with others!  As a church, we want to know and love God more each day. And God calls us to do something with that knowledge and love.


Make Disciples.

Our mission is to make disciples who have intimacy with God, community with others, and have influence in the world. We provide opportunities for our people to grow deeper with God, get to know one another, and reach the world with the love of Jesus.


Reach the 200k.

Our aim is to reach the community and beyond with the truth and love of Christ. MissionView was founded with a strong commitment to global missions & being an intentional presence in our community. It takes every follower of Jesus to reach the world with His message. Everyone has a mission.

Join the Mission

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