Village Transformation

In developing countries, many people live in debilitating poverty.

Communities lack access to critical needs like food, medical care, and clean water. Without these essentials, families spend every day just trying to survive. Sustainable living and escaping poverty isn’t an option.

These people deserve a Village Transformation — one that drastically improves health, education, economics, and spiritual growth.

That’s where YOU come in. You can help restore a community to a thriving place where families are empowered to build brighter futures for generations to come.


Missions Team has planned a missions trip to Los Bordos, Guatemala for the dates of October 12-19 2019.
deposit of $100 is due April 12
  1. VBS 
  2. During the VBS, the moms have nowhere to go while VBS is going on, so a craft for the moms is recommended.  Sharing testimonies during this time has been very impactful as well;
  3. Having games available to play as part of the VBS is recommended, so the kids can switch from the Bible study to the games a vice-versa; 
  4. Having a team work on the foundation of the school while others visit the village and handle the interactives (meeting the villagers, VBS, craft time, etc.) 
  5. We will be scheduled to visit the dump where many people live on one of our days there.

Current Sign-up Sheets

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Seeing lives transformed through the gospel around the world is something we at MissionView are incredibly excited about. We focus on strategic partnerships with people in foreign countries, regular opportunities for people from MissionView to travel on mission experiences, and business for missions model which trains nationals how to operate a business and utilize those profits for the furthering of the Gospel. We are passionate about living out the commands of Jesus in influencing the world. For more information about MissionView Missionaries contact Nonie Knisley (Missions Liaison).